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Something weird is going on at the Escape Motel. The manager, Gorman Cates, will be happy to check you in, but will you check out… 

Difficulty Rating: 8/10

Scare Rating: 5/10

Recommended Minimum age: 14





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It’s time for a magic show! But the headlining act hasn’t shown and there are only 45 minutes until showtime!  What are you going to do?!

Difficulty Rating: 5/10

Scare Rating: 1/10

Recommended Minimum Age: 7




things to do  

Upon entering the maintenance room of one of Sprengstoff Manufacturing’s nuclear waste facilities, you are informed that the building is on fire! If the side of the building containing the nuclear waste catches fire, it will create an explosion with a blast radius of over 300 kilometers!  You are the only ones who can put out the fire and save millions of lives, including your own… 

Difficulty Rating: 7/10

Scare Rating: 2/10

 Recommended Minimum age: 12 (based on difficulty)