Our Rooms

An experiment gone wrong has lead to an outbreak of a terrible virus.  You are now 5 years into the zombie apocalypse and have recently found yourselves trapped and surrounded by the undead.  The only way out…is with a BANG!



The Escape Squad has decided to diversify by moving into the home automation industry. We have developed a prototype of our new A.I. software, “S.H.I.R.I. (Smart Home Integrated Response Interface)”. As potential investors you have the rare opportunity to take a walk-through in our “smart show home” that we have built to show off this new, groundbreaking technology, but be warned, you may find out how smart is too smart when it comes to artificial intelligence…



You and your friends went on an impulse hiking trip in the middle of nowhere without checking the weather report.  Now you are stranded and taking shelter in an abandoned research station.  You have forty-five minutes to contact the rescue team with your location before they call off the search!